We solve problems by answering a single question: how can we attract more customers to your website?

Real optimization can only happen when we understand who and what we’re optimizing for. This is why we get to know you. 

Data-driven [dey-tuh-driv-uhn]:
to build culture through collecting
and catalyzing data.

In a nutshell

We are a small team of marketing “professionals” who don’t fit within the current corporate culture. But don’t hold that against us, we’re all obsessed with the idea of better...
Our work is indicative of that.

the 10+ Years leading up to H&CO we managed over $30,000,000 in advertising spend, and built multiple $1,000,000+ websites.

In 2018 we collectively left our jobs and started H&CO. We believed we could help small/medium-sized acquire customers and like. I said earlier, we don’t fit in the corporate culture.  

Awards We’ve Won:

We haven’t won a single award. Not 1......

But we have gone to 3 of our customer’s weddings, so
we’re still winning.


Every client gets a 100%-concentrated experience, strategy, and product. Traditional marketing exists in a debauched industry where agency decisions cannot align with your company’s values. Good marketing turns your company values into monetary value. That’s our cue.



Not to be blunt, but we’re actually good. We are a small team of big experts who deal with your project one-on-one. We don’t hire based on what you know, but how you see.



With no need for a middleman, each of our team members gives 100% of their time, effort, and input to cohesively tell and sell your story.



We invest in your business as much as you invest in us. That’s why the value to your customer becomes our value as creators. Our team becomes your existing and ideal consumers to design, develop, and deploy the necessary marketing methods to navigate through all touchpoints.



Our first steps are what result in a great product. We design a comprehensive plan to collect and manipulate your data before integrating it into your tailored strategy. We shepherd data to see the symbiotic relationship of your company’s touchpoints, recognize gaps, and initialize the right data to guarantee the right product.