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We are a website design & development agency from Toronto that specializes in increasing website traffic and convert it into sales.

Why H&Co

Websites That Work

We design and build websites with your goals in mind. From increasing sales or generating more leads, our  team works with you to get the outcome you’re looking for.

On average, our customers see a 2x increase in traffic compared to their previous website.  

100% In-house

Yes, we’re Toronto-based. However, we hire global talent to offer their skills in-house. This allows for a higher operational efficacy and value for our customers.

Website Design clients:

Website Design FAQ

How much does a website cost ?

How much a website costs would be a function of the complexity of the website, ie number of pages, custom functions but a typically website start at $4,000 and an e-commerce site starts at $7,000. 

Why hire H & Co. to design and build my website?

at H & Co our marketing first approach to website design has proven to increase the traffic and sales of our customers by strategically creating a website. 

Does H & Co. write the content ?

Yes, our internal content writers can work with your subject matter experts to gather the relevant expertise and create unique, compelling and consistent content.

Will H & Co. maintain my site for me

Yes, it is a separate service we offer.

Can H & Co. migrate things from my existing site.

Yes, we can export, or scrape your existing content and add it to your new website.


Establish the right visual connection with your customers and users with memorable and relatable designs through a meaningful user experience.

Marketing First Design

Our marketing-first approach toward website design provides us with exceptional clarity and focus on your bottom line. Our consultants work with you learn your business’s purpose, target market, competition, and customer acquisition strategy to better hit your KPIs. 

Functionality First

Functionality is a website’s ability to achieve its marketing goals and as such, increase Google ranking, convert traffic, and maximize ROI. We combine performance with beauty for a balanced, intentional, and calculated design. A full-bodied website satisfies both the head and the heart to result in your monetary success.


Implementing your project with scalable architecture design, modern technology, and an excellent level of data security.


We build upon WordPress platforms with a series of custom tools for fast and Google-compliant websites. WordPress’s robust development community allows for the native integration of tens of thousands of different services, like MailChimp, Active Campaign, and more.


Websites are a living, breathing entity that evolves with your company. We build sites to integrate with the skills of your marketing team to give them easily customizable and adaptable initiatives. Add new landing pages without interfering with your overall design, update content, and expand your site as your company grows. 

Latest Website Development Projects:

Website Development Projects:


Web development for the BCouture e-commerce website.



Web design and development for the L’ORO e-commerce website.

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