Digital marketing
designed with
instinct and intellect

H&Co merges human experience into digital marketing solutions to deliver cutting-edge campaigns.

AI + Human = Precise and Intuitive

Our strategy is to leverage the precision of AI with the intuition and experience of our team to create the optimum videos, ads, websites, it’s this approach that allows us to quickly and efficiently find the best ROI.

Marketer + Data Scientist = Holistic Strategies

We understand marketing as both an art and science. Our developers, data scientists, and marketers collaborate their expertise to create optimal campaigns and products, for both the eye and machine.

With this, we’re able to achieve our goals to consistently outperform industry benchmarks when it comes to digital customer acquisition.

Interdisciplinary + Discipline = Compound Solutions

We are digital marketers first, artists second. We approach every web development project with a digital marketing lens.

To optimize your UI/UX design, our designers, SEO developers, and web developers work together to create effective marketing systems for your brand and its consumers.

Our Latest Projects:


Digital Marketing & Website Development

We designed the website with two goals in mind: to sell watches online and to generate leads for the in-store staff. We also designed and executed a marketing plan that resulted in a 10X increase in traffic and a significant increase in sales.

Paloma Blanca

Website Design & Development

We custom-built the website from the ground up based on the objectives of cataloguing the wedding dresses, and capturing leads.... let us know what you think.

We create:

Digital Marketing

We are a digital marketing agency that is a little too obsessed with Marketing ROI. In a nutshell, we do everything from Marketing Consulting to SEO & Paid advertising. 

Web Design/Dev

We design and build websites that catalyze your end goals. Our scalable, Google compliant web design is a responsive representation of both your company and consumer.

Post Web Setup

The post- website  setup is whats done after your website is built, including but not limited to:

  • Improving website speed & security
  • Implementing an analytics strategy
  • Implementing a CRM

and more 


We’ve created Felix in pursuit of better marketing data. It a piece of software that integrates with google analytics and helps your marketing team see the full customer journey of an offline sale & Much More.

Current & Past Clients: