We build websites & marketing campaigns that work.

We are a digital agency looks at every decision through the lens of a marketer. This approach provides us the clarity and focus for what really matters: your bottom line.

H&Co. is a digital marketing agency that uses data and design to grow high-ticket businesses effectively. Our company was built by a team of marketers, designers, and developers with over 15 years of marketing experience, $35,000,000 of ad spend.

Current & Past Clients:

What we do

We are a digital marketing agency that’s a little too obsessed with increasing your marketing ROI. In a nutshell, we do everything from marketing consulting to SEO & paid advertising for measurable and sustainable growth. 

Your website is the destination for our marketing campaigns, so we build scalable, Google-compliant sites with a responsive representation of both your company and its consumer.

Our graphic design team specializes in creating eye-catching and innovative designs for digital, print, and out-of-home adverting. 

Our video production team specializes in creating relevant and intentional video content for Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and more. 

Our content writers cut through the marketing noise to communicate your business’s value propositions & benefits directly to your consumers.

Our Approach

We approach each project the same way, learn, think, and build. However, we do differently by viewing the website, CRM, Analytics and campaign decisions from the lens of a marketer. It sounds silly but each role in a marketing team typically wants similar but different things. The designer whats to make the most beautiful site, the developer wants to make the coolest site however the marketer is beholden to your KPI metrics and therefore wants to make the website that produces the most income. At H& Co our team is re-aligned to produce the most functional for your bottom line.


Before we create anything, we need to learn everything about your company. Here we get an understanding of your unique value propositions, goals, and KPIs then intensely research your target demographic and their pain points and competition. 


Our goal is to match what you offer with what your consumers need, and once we have a solid understanding of this, we can begin :thinking.


Using our learnings, we put together a website development strategy that breaks down your designated marketing channels, paid acquisition strategy, product positioning, sitemap, and content. Based on your KPIs, we design a plan that allows all the moving parts of the website and advertising to be best positioned to perform.  Our goal is to design a plan where all moving parts work together for consistent success. 


Once we’ve strategized a plan, we move on to :building.


We oversee every stage of execution to ensure every small decision aligns with the goals and KPIs of your marketing objectives. Accountability is integral to our building process, which is why your marketing strategist sees out every step of the process, no matter how small of a detail. 

Our Latest Projects:

Digital Marketing & Website Development

We designed the website with two goals in mind: to sell watches online and to generate leads for the in-store staff. We also designed and executed a marketing plan that resulted in a 10X increase in traffic and a significant increase in sales.

Website Design & Development

We custom-built the website from the ground up based on the objectives of cataloguing the wedding dresses, and capturing leads.... let us know what you think.